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ECO-BAR, your guide to Eco-licious Libations

eco-licious libations
I attended a recent Holiday Party and I tried your specialty cocktails.  I love the way they were hand-crafted and the flavors were top notch and delicious.  I would highly recommend ECO-BAR for anyone throwing a work party, private party, wedding, etc. Thumbs way up!


Dear Beth,

We were so thrilled to have ECO-BAR at our private party! Everyone is still talking about the fabulous cocktails, and how unique it was that they were created especially for us. You made the planning easy and fun, and you and your staff were so friendly and great during the party. Thank you so much! We will call you again to add that ECO-BAR special touch to our parties!


Amy and Steve

What they are saying...
I have had the distinct pleasure to attend many functions hosted by Beth Parentice, the brilliant creator of Eco-Bar and SIPP.  Her meticulous approach to blending organic creations leaves the pallet wanting for more.  It is always a surprise and when you receive an invitation to an event you know she is the one preparing the beverages you don’t want to miss the event.  The only way I know how to describe the combination of color, texture, smell and taste is that it tantalizes all of your senses and leaves you with a feeling of pure joy.  I have never experienced anything quite like Eco-Bar/SIPP and highly recommend.

Thank you so much for catering my 50th birthday party!  My friends are still raving about it months later. The bar you set up looked beautiful.   I appreciate the time you took to create a speciality cocktail for my event.  The staff and the bar presentation were extremely professional.  I love that you use organic and fresh ingredients for mixers and garnish and the organic wines you chose were delicious. I look forward to my next birthday bash!