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ECO-BAR, your guide to Eco-licious Libations

eco-licious libations
Juniper Green Organic Gin boasts the first organic London dry gin and is made from organic grain and organic botanical herbs. Because no chemical fertilizers are used in the growing process, and no chemical fungicides are used in the storage of grain, all of the naturally occurring microorganisms are left intact resulting in a full and deep fermentation.
4Copas Organic Tequila is made from 100% organic blue agave at La Quemada ‘Green’ Distillery. Made in four styles (blanco, reposado, anejo and extra-anejo), this line of carefully crafted, certified-organic tequilas is bottled in hand-blown glass from local Jalisco artisans. In addition to making the first certified organic tequila, they also created a special edition tequila bottle to support the works of
For those with a sweet-tooth, they also make an agave nectar, which can be used as a low-glycemic substitute sweetener in place of honey or sugar.
Papaguyo Organic Rum is made from organically farmed sugarcane grown and harvested by fairly paid workers in Paraguay. Produced by over 800 of these family farmers of the underdeveloped region of Arroyos y Esteros, organic farming practices are helping to preserve and enrich the land for years to come. Certified organic by CCOF and the Soil Association, you can be sure there is no pesticide aftertaste.

Square One Organic Vodkas have been the first to make major inroads into mixed drink establishments, and I bet you will see their trademarked square bottle on the shelf at your favorite bar. So what makes their vodka so green? Inspired by the community’s embrace of the land, Square One Organic Vodka founder Allison Evanow was enticed by the environmental issues raised by the community farmers’ market.

Not only is the vodka distilled from organically grown North Dakota rye, the packaging and the process were also made eco-friendly. Avoiding serious chemicals, they choose not to frost the bottles, and instead used easy to peel labels (makes a great vase for reuse) made of sustainably grown and renewable fiber sources bamboo, bagasse and cotton. Coming full circle, their minimally processed organic rye grain byproducts are great protein and fiber for organic dairy farm feed.

Distilled at the foot of the majestic Teton range of the Rocky Mountains, Vodka 14 is wholly dedicated to a single, simple proposition: that by combining exceptional ingredients and meticulous distillation, our small, independent, family run company based in Boulder, Colorado can offer a product superior to mass-market brands both imported and domestic. If the finest ingredients are the heart of a remarkable vodka, exceptional distillation is the soul.
The First truly authentic American liqueur since the Pre-Prohibition Era!

Republic Tequila Añejo is 100% Blue Agave, aged in American oak barrels for 20 months, and is proudly produced at La Quemada Distillery, one of Mexico's only certified organic distillers. Republic Tequila is handcrafted from estate grown Blue Agave, using traditional methods and natural aerobic fermentation. Unlike other distillers, La Quemada allows Republic Tequila to rest after it has been distilled in order to produce a purer, smoother spirit.