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ECO-BAR, your guide to Eco-licious Libations

eco-licious libations

How “green” is your bar?  Are your menus are printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks?  Is your water is served in reusable glass carafes with the option of fresh filtered, still, or sparkling water?  Are you purchasing your products from organic or eco-conscious suppliers?  Are you serving organic cocktails, wine or beer?

Going “green” has a number of benefits, both for bar owners and guests. Bar owners profit from smaller carbon footprints, and guests appreciate the offering of organic options and the listing of health benefits of ingredients on beverage menus.  With experts in mixology, custom cocktails and bar products, operations and eco-libations, ECO-BAR can take your beverage services to the next level – the organic level.

ECO-BAR's Program levels based on your current needs::
Light Green
oECO-BAR Analysis:  At the end of the audit we will provide you with a list of simple processes to implement to immediately reduce your impact on the environment and suggestions on ideas to “green” your bar.
oInternal Marketing:  On a quarterly basis, we will create ECO-BAR newsletters highlighting your efforts and industry happenings to distribute to your employees and stakeholders.

The Light Green Program plus:
oOrganic Cocktail Menu:  We will create a new eco-chic cocktail menu and source all organic ingredients and products to be served.
oMarketing and Public Relations:  We will work with you to create marketing collateral and press releases while helping you brand your ECO-BAR.
oGreen Meetings:  We will conduct quarterly meetings to discuss new products and updates. 

Dark Green
Create an ECO-BAR from top to bottom.  This includes items to implement in the short-term with immediate return on investment and future initiatives to implement based on the goals we create in partnership with you.

The Green Program plus:
oTraining:  We will train your bartenders to be Certified ECO-Bartenders.
oCertification:  Our certification publicly establishes you as an ECO-BAR and expands your potential client base. You will have the right to use our logo and market your bar as ECO-BAR certified.  

Why Now? 
Distinguish your company from the competition
Increase your company's recognition and enhance brand image to the public
Create positive social change for your organization and the environment  
Generate revenue through new sources
Increase value to shareholders and investors
Increase satisfaction and retention of employees

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