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Our certified professional ECO-BARtenders can make any party or special event unforgettable. Our unique drink recipes and personable staff are available for all types of celebrations.  NEW - We now offer organic tapas!

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Organic Cocktail Catering
ECO-BAR specializes in cocktail menu creation and cocktail program implementation. Programs vary from creating hand crafted organic cocktails through designing the perfect organic cocktail menu.
Our new Organic Cocktail Classes are a great interactive event.  Get a group together and learn how you can make fresh organic cocktails at home.  A fun and interactive event!
Our new custom cocktail creator will help you create a cocktail that is based on your tastes, event, favorite color and your overall personality.  What a fun way to offer a memorable cocktail for your guests at your wedding, corporate event or party.
The tapas party menu
Tapas are ideal for a gathering because they offer a delicious array of finger foods that your guests can sample without getting stuffed. And, more importantly, with the variety of interesting foods and drinks, tapas parties are, put simply, fun!

To plan your tapas tasting, Chef Lieberman suggests a simple menu so you don’t spend all night in the kitchen. He says, “Focus on creating five to six tapas dishes that are easy and quick to fix and can be prepared ahead of time.” For example, three cold tapas and one or two warm tapas. Plan 6 to 8 bites per guest if you are hosting a cocktail party (1-1/2 hour party) or 12 to 15 bites per guest for a tapas dinner party (3 hour party).

Chef Lieberman adds, “Put out some olives, plenty of good olive oil from Spain for drizzling and dipping, and some quaffable Spanish wine or sangria.”

Once you set out small serving plates, napkins and wine glasses, you get to relax and join the party!